Sailing with Dolphins

On board the ultimate world class cruising yacht, a Discovery 55, the Montenegro Dolphin Project will be guiding you in an adrenaline filled search and a lifetime opportunity to meet these magnificent creatures up close.

While sailing the Adriatic Sea, the team of researchers will be introducing you to the wonder of dolphins’ lives, their main threats and the possible ways to contribute to protecting their vulnerable world. The Ocean Going Sailing Yacht “Chance Discovery” will provide you with dolphin watching seats, a luxurious deck and saloon, refreshments and bathroom facilities.

Please be informed:

  • Due to the extreme variability of factors involved in a wild encounter, sightings cannot
    be guaranteed and observations of dolphins might not always be possible.
  • Trips might be cancelled due to bad weather conditions in which case refunds will be

Trip Duration: 8 hours
Participation Fee: 150 € pp
Max. Number Participants: 6

The cruise will be organized upon request and will depart from Porto Montenegro (Berth P 16).

Contact details:

Richard George